Hulu Removes 3 Episodes of Scrubs TV Show Episodes Featuring Blackface

In response to a request from ABC Studios and producers, Hulu removes three episodes of Scrubs due to characters wearing blackface.

In response to a request from ABC Studios and the show’s producers, three episodes of Scrubs have been removed from Hulu streaming due to the fact that blackface is worn by characters in these episodes. The medical comedy series, created by Bill Lawrence, aired on NBC until 2008. It then switched to ABC for its final two seasons.


Scrubs episodes removal follows in suit with 30 Rock Scrubbing Some Episodes as Well

TheWrap reported the news about Hulu removing the Scrubs episodes following the request from producers and ABC Studios. The episodes that have been removed are season 3’s “My Friend the Doctor” and the season 5 episodes “My Jiggly Ball” and “My Chopped Liver.” One of these episodes depicts Zach Braff’s character J.D. in a flashback, wearing blackface at a party. Another features Sarah Chalke’s character Elliot wearing blackface in a fantasy scene. An effort to remove offensive episodes of Scrubs has been in the works since at least yesterday, according to a tweet by Lawrence:

The removal of Scrubs episodes comes amidst a widespread reexamination of racist messages in movies and television, such as the removal of multiple episodes of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock. Prominent media figures, such as Jimmy Kimmel, have issued apologies recently for wearing blackface in the past, and Hollywood will no doubt continue its deep dive into portrayals of race in general. Streaming services will have to be vigilant about not only which shows they are streaming, but also be aware of the possibility that certain episodes, as in the case of Scrubs, may have to be examined as awareness of race in television and movies grows.

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Author: Lawrence Lease

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