Community Fans Announce Production of Game Inspired by Paintball Episodes

Community: The Game is a fan project inspired by the show’s hilarious paintball episodes.

Community’s run ended five years ago, but that has done nothing to dampen fan passion for their favorite TV sitcom.

Over its six seasons Community had five paintball events with themes such as apocalyptic, western, sci-fi, and even noir. These paintball fights have always been more than just fun bits as they are some of the show’s most popular episodes.

Community Fans Have Previously Created Video Games Based on hit show

This is not the first fan-made video game based on Community, either. There were several others, with the most noteworthy being Journey to the Centre of Hawkthorne, a fan version of the RPG the study group plays in the third season.

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Reddit user TheNotoriousJeremy has been posting about their Community paintball game on Reddit for the past few weeks. Currently, they are looking for Network Programmers, Asset Creators, Lawyers, paintball players and anyone else who might have a skill that could help production.

Reddit users coming together to make Community game a reality

A week ago TheNotoriousJeremy also posted on /r/legaladvice asking a myriad of questions, the most important of which being “What measures can we take to prevent copyright infringement from getting this project taken down?” NBC is not known for being passive when it comes to policing its copyrights and it would be a hard argument to say this project falls under fair use. That is why lawyer is on the list of needed skill sets as theNotoriousJeremy and his co-developers aim to try to push forward despite the risk of a cease and desist letter.


Without some clear changes to the project or an open blessing from NBC, it will be surprising if this game reaches release. If the development team receives a cease and desist letter they aren’t without options, as they could either claim fair use or alter their project enough that it doesn’t use copyrighted material. Fans might still find joy in a paintball game inspired by Community set at a community college with a couple of Troy and Abed easter eggs. For now, the project is going forward as a Community based multiplayer shooter, and it will be exciting to watch it develop.

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Author: Lawrence Lease

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