Henry Cavill May Reshoot Superman Scenes for Snyder Cut

While it has been confirmed that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is happening and set for a next-year debut on HBO Max, the details of how the movie will be reshot and recut are still very much up in the air. A recent report by Heroic Hollywood states that there is a rumor making the rounds that Henry Cavill is going to return to his role in the film to reshoot the scenes involving his infamous mustache.


“With the entire Justice League cast booked on projects that have either been delayed or postponed due to the shutdown, scheduling would be an absolute nightmare. However, that being said, and the following is unconfirmed, there is a rumor that Zack Snyder will have to shoot Henry Cavill’s face against a green screen at the very least for special effects purposes because the current reference material of Cavill from the theatrical cut of Justice League is of him in a mustache.”

After Snyder left Justice League back in 2017, Joss Whedon stepped in to complete the movie, and many parts were reshot by the actors to give a new direction to the story. At the time of the reshoots, Henry Cavill had moved on to filming Mission Impossible: Fallout, where he sported a mustache. Contractual obligations prevented the actor from shaving the ‘stache, which had to be digitally removed from the final cut of Justice League.

The resulting awkwardly super-imposed CGI mouth audiences got to see on the Man of Steel’s face was endless mocked and lambasted by critics. In many ways, the CGI mouth became a symbol of the rushed and sloppy nature of the film, that Zack Snyder’s re-cut is meant to fix. And now it seems the answer to all that bad CGI, is yet more CGI, as the report goes on to explain.

“A special effects insider tells Heroic Hollywood, how that would work is that the visual effects house hired for the Snyder Cut will reshoot Cavill’s face and map that onto the existing footage. If Cavill were to go into the studio, and assuming that he’s in the relative same shape. It might be easier to reshoot his whole body and performance and paint out the old footage and replace it with the new and current special-effects footage. A lot also depends on the complexity of the shots Snyder wants to use and how many they have to do.”

Taken in conjunction with Cavill’s recent photo on social media hinting that he was getting back into Superman shape, means the actor may very well be gearing up to reshoot some scenes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, even if the performance ends up being less live-action and more resembling what Josh Brolin did for Thanos, where the actor’s movements were imposed on the Mad Titan’s CGI body.

The road to the Synder Cut has been a rocky one and is not set to become easier any time soon as the filmmaker grapples with the reality of finishing his movie on a small budget and without most of the main cast. Hopefully, the end product will be worth it once the film releases next year.

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Author: Lawrence Lease

Lawrence Lease is a freelance writer and screenwriter. His work can be seen on Blasting News, Cinema Gold and The Washington Ledger.

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